Drum Filling Systems

At Filling Solutions we have over 20 years industrial experience in the design and operation of drum filling machines and can supply all your requirements – from the small stand alone filling machines through to the sophisticated, fully automatic, conveyor filling and handling systems.

Although our units are based around tried and tested standard modules, each drum filling machine and system is custom designed and built for your application. We have extensive knowledge of liquid characteristics and behaviour, and can therefore provide exactly the right equipment to meet your needs. All our machines are extremely compact and easy to operate. They can utilize a wide range of metering methods including gravimetric, mass flow, volumetric and simple flow meter. Our advice will also take into account any possible future expansions or changes in your operation to ensure equipment does not become obsolete unnecessarily.

Filling Solutions operates from a 6000 sq ft facility in the heart of the East Midlands in close proximity to the M1. A blend of modern computer design techniques and traditional engineering skills ensure our products offer the optimum in reliability and precision – even in the harshest environments.

Drum Filling Systems

All completed drum filling systems and machines undergo comprehensive evaluation trials in our works prior to delivery, thereby ensuring rapid on-site installation and commissioning – with minimum disruption to your plant.

Traditional methods of container filling can be costly, both in terms of time and product waste due either to overfill (giveaway) or spillage. In addition, most methods rely on a high level of human interface and manual handling, which can present health and safety risks, as well as non- conformity to legal for trade requirements. The StrongArm concept addresses all of these issues in a single compact design. The simplicity of the design and build offers both a space and a cost effective solution, resulting in a machine which is easy to maintain and troubleshoot for engineers of all levels.

At the heart of the StrongArm filling machine is a simple, yet cleverly engineered, articulated arm. This has been ergonomically designed for maximum operator efficiency and productivity. From a compact central pillar, the arm can be effortlessly moved to give a full 360 working radius with a reach of over two metres, thereby offering optimum filling versatility around the centre of the machine. Both fixed and mobile versions are available and the company are confident that the mobile StrongArm is the most compact and manoeuvrable machine on the market.

Containers can be filled on pallets or introduced to the filling head via roller conveyors. From a single press of a button, the dispensing lance descends into the container and begins filling automatically, initially in fast fill, and then dropping to slow fill to achieve the required accuracy. The only other operator interface required is to accept the filled container and move onto the next fill.

The all stainless steel construction, combined with the sealed bearings in the articulated arm and the unique internal protection of the pneumatic drive cylinders, ensures long term reliability even in the harshest of environments. The clean, smooth lines of the StrongArm facilitate cleaning, whilst from a safety angle there are no finger traps.