Drum Filling | Container Filling

When you require container filling or drum filling products you should always call upon the expertise and excellence available at Filling Solutions Ltd.

We offer bespoke filling machines to suit a multitude of products across a wide range of industries at highly competitive prices. For one of the best services around call our team today.

Container and Drum Filling

Our products are suitable for industrial clients such as chemical, food and drink companies and we can provide you with an extensive range of products including:

  • IBC Filling Machinery
  • ECO Arm Filling
  • Single Container Filling Machines
  • StrongArm Filler Machines

We are based in the UK, but for your convenience we can deliver our products throughout the UK and Europe. If you have any special requirements please do not hesitate to call us.

25 Litre Drum Filling

Filling Solutions Ltd boasts over 30 years experience in the industry and during this time we have built up a solid reputation because of our high quality products and our dedication to our customers.

We are committed to providing our customers with tailor-made products to benefit their businesses and guarantee customer satisfaction. We truly are experts in our field and can offer you trustworthy and reliable advice about filling products and their qualities.

Single Container Filler

The Sash Single Container Filling machine is suitable for use with many different liquids and gels from many industries including, health and beauty products, food stuffs, cosmetics, medicines, pharmaceuticals, oils and lubricants, chemicals, insecticides and disinfectants.

Depending on the liquid being filled, we can advise on the most suitable material for wetted parts such as lances and probes. These include PVCu, PVDF and polypropylene.

Drum and Container Filling Enquiries

If you would like to know more about drum filling or container filling and what Filling Solutions can do for you, please contact us or visit our main website at www.fillingsolutions.co.uk.